Current Student Resources

Current Student Resources

Current Student Resources

UCCS wants you to succeed during your educational career. Find resources here that will assist you throughout your UCCS enrollment.

Awards & Scholarships


Outstanding students within the UCCS Department of Economics may be selected for different awards and scholarships.

UCCS Economics Club

The Economics Club strives to engage students who are interested in economics through various academic and social activities like career fairs, conferences and internships. An emphasis is placed on connecting students with faculty and networking opportunities to extend economic education beyond the classroom.

Department Faculty & Staff

faculty member teaching class

Meet the faculty members who will be guiding you throughout your university career. Learn more about their research and fieldwork.

Economics Tutor Lab

Need help with your studies? Tutoring is available for students of Economics, particularly those in ECON 1010 Introduction to Microeconomics, ECON 1050 Economics in Practice, and ECON 2020 Introduction to Macroeconomics.