Department of Economics at UCCS

The UCCS Department of Economics teaches the foundations of economics and its applications.

About the Department

The UCCS Department of Economics has approximately 170 undergraduate majors. Our faculty members also serve the profession through community outreach, research publication and memberships in academic associations. Their expertise translates into high-quality instruction in their fields.

Featured Program

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Economics
Our signature degree program prepares students for careers in different fields, including financial analysis, securities trading, telecommunication analyst, and more.

Student Experiences

Joanna Galaska
Class of 2018

Joanna Galaska is a 2018 Economics Graduate and is a data analyst for the Public Defender Service of the District of Columbia.

Her work as a data analyst supports the Public Defender Service’s mission to provide and promote quality legal representation to indigent adults and children facing a loss of liberty in the District of Columbia. She uses her data and research skills gained from studying economics in a meaningful way. 

Matthew Gonzales
Class of 2015

Matthew Gonzales is a 2015 Economics and Math Dual Major that just completed his MBA at UCCS in 2020.  

He now acts as the Chief Financial Officer of St. Stephens Indian School on the Wind River Reservation in Riverton, Wyoming.  He manages grants and government disbursements of over $6 million and impacts the lives of 300 students, most of whom are Native American.  Prior to that, he worked as a Cost Analyst for the US Air Force at Peterson AFB where he performed economic and statistical analysis to estimate the cost of multi-million dollar defense systems.