Academic Degrees & Programs

Economic Degrees & Programs

The Department of Economics at UCCS teaches students economic ideas, models, and analysis.

Undergraduate Degree

Economics, BA

A Bachelor of Arts in Economics prepares students for a wide range of employment opportunities in both the public and private sector and for graduate studies in law and business.

Undergraduate Minors


Economics Centers & Research

Center for Economic Education

The mission of the Center for Economic Education is to promote and improve the quality and quantity of economic education in Colorado's K-12 schools. The Center is affiliated with the Colorado Council on Economic Education (CCEE).

Along with CCE, the center offers classes, workshops, and a comprehensive library of instructional resources designed to equip teachers with the needed economic background and the finest classroom materials available for their students.

The Colorado Center for Policy Studies

At the Colorado Center for Policy Studies (CCPS), we apply economic principles and research results to critical policy issues through the Program on Growth Issues, the Program on Education Policy, and the Program on Tax Policy.

Faculty along with students conduct applied research and provide advice and information to state and local governments and nonprofit organizations.