Joe Craig, Ph.D.

Joe Craig, Ph.D.

Joe Craig, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Chair
Department of Economics
211 Academic Office Building


Course syllabus available in

  • Econ 1000: Economics of Social Issues
  • Econ 1010: Introduction to Microeconomics
  • Econ 3010: Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Econ 3080: Economics of Sport 
  • Econ 4010: Advanced Microeconomics
  • Econ 4990: Senior Seminar


  • “Determinants of teaching quality: Evidence from the University of Colorado 2008 to 2016” 2021 With Scott J. Savage and Anna B. Faria.
  • “Referee Bias in South American Football” With Anna B. Faria January 2021 [paper]
  • “Predicting the National Football League Potential of College Quarterbacks” (with Niven Winchester), European Journal of Operations Research 295 (2) 733-743 2021 [paper]
  • Immigrant Nationality and Human Capital Formation in Brazil” (With Anna B. Faria) International Journal of Educational Development, 80. 2021. [paper]
  • “Entry and Competition in the U.S. Brewpub Industry” (With Anna B. Faria) The Journal of Global Business Management, 16(1). 2020 18-26. [paper]
  • “Motivations for Market Restructuring: Evidence from US Electricity Deregulation” Energy Economics 60. 2016 162-167. [paper]
  • “Does Instructor Appearance Affect Student Learning of Principles of Economics?” with Scott J. Savage Australasian Journal of Economics Education 12(2) 2015. 30-49. [paper]
  • “Institutional Determinants of American Undergraduate College Student Debt” (with Samuel R. Raisanen) Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management 36(6). 2014 658-673. [paper]
  • "Instructor Attire and Student Performance: Evidence from an Undergraduate Industrial Organization Experiment" (with Scott J. Savage) The International Review of Economic Education 17. 2014 55-65. [paper]
  • “Market Restructuring, Competition and the Efficiency of Electricity Generation: Plant-level Evidence from the United States 1996 to 2006” (with Scott J. Savage) The Energy Journal, 34(1). 2013 1-32 [Lead Article]. [paper]
  • “The Impact of Analyzing Economic Events on the Learning of Undergraduate Economic Theory” (with Samuel R. Raisanen) International Review of Economics Education, 14, 2013 24-34. [paper]
  • “Possible relationships between the South African captive-bred lion hunting industry and the hunting and conservation of lions elsewhere in Africa” (with Lindsey, P., R. Alexander, G. Balme, N. Midlane). South African Journal of Wildlife Research, 42(1). 2012 11-22. [paper]
  •  “Cyclical Capital Stock” (with James Keeler), Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, 13(1). 2010 16-47. [paper]

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