Edward Hoang, Ph.D.

Edward Hoang, Ph.D.

Edward Hoang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Economics
221 Academic Office Building


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Course syllabus available in http://canvas.uccs.edu/

  • Econ 2020: Introduction to Macroeconomics (Fall 2020)
  • Econ 2810: Statistics for Economics (Spring 2021)
  • Econ 3020: Intermediate Macroeconomics (Fall 2020)
  • Econ 4020: Advanced Macroeconomics (Fall 2020)
  • Econ 4810: Introduction to Econometrics (Spring 2021)


  • "A Tale of Two Emerging Market Economies: Evidence from Payout Smoothing in China and Taiwan." International Journal of Managerial Finance, Forthcoming (with Indrit Hoxha). [paper]
  • "An International Study of the Response of Corporate Payout Policy."   International Journal of Managerial Finance, June 2019 (with Indrit Hoxha). [paper]
  • "Does Closeness in Cyber-Space Complement Urban Space?"  Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, June 2017 (with Steven G. Craig and Janet E. Kohlhase). [paper]
  • "New Technologies and the Cost of Public Services: The Case of Unemployment Insurance in the United States."  Colorado Center for Policy Studies, April 2017. [paper]
  • "Inheritances and Bequest Planning: Evidence From The Survey of Consumer Finances." Journal of Family and Economic Issues, March 2017  (with Dale R. DeBoer). [paper]
  • "House Prices and Bequests." Eastern Economic Journal, June 2016. [paper]
  • "School Spending and Student Achievement in Michigan: What's the Relationship?" Mackinac Center for Public Policy, April 2016 (with Ben DeGrow). [paper]
  • "Corporate Payout Smoothing: A Variance Decomposition Approach." Journal of Empirical Finance, January 2016 (with Indrit Hoxha). [paper
  • "The Sensitivity of Payouts to Corporate Financing Decisions." Journal of Financial Economic Policy, October 2015 (with Indrit Hoxha). [paper]
  • "Household Response to Government Debt: Evidence From Life Insurance Holdings." Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, August 2015 (with Steven G. Craig and Dietrich Vollrath). [paper]
  • "The Determinants of Payout Policy for Public Firms." Southwest Review of International Business ResearchMarch 2014 (with Indrit Hoxha).
  • "State Government Response to Income Fluctuations: Consumption, Insurance, and Capital Expenditures." Regional Science and Urban Economics, July 2011 (with Steven G. Craig). [paper]

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