Department Highlights


Department Highlights

Fall Mixer

Econ Fall Mixer Is a Utility-Maximizer!

On October 24, Econ students, alumni and faculty gathered at Berger Hall for an afternoon of fun, with conversations, food and drinks abound! Current and former students were able to network and faculty had the opportunity to check in with their former pupils. We hope to make this event a yearly celebration of all things Econ. Thank you to all who joined us and we look forward to seeing many of you next year!

Big Picture Economics Department-sponsored student racing car project makes it to the Gazette in May 2022!


Big PictureDr. Craig Talks with KOAA About Rising Gas Prices in March 2022 The impact of rising gas prices goes beyond how much it costs to fill the tank of your car. "[It’s part of a] considerably larger picture," said UCCS Economics Professor, Joe Craig.


hoangProfessor Ed Hoang chats with local news station KOAA about the Fed’s behavior in early 2022 
The Federal Reserve plans to hike up interest rates next month to help the nation’s worst inflation in 40 years partially due to the pandemic. Despite the conflict in Ukraine, the Federal Reserve isn’t budging on its decision to raise interest rates in March and it's predicted they'll continue that trend through 2023.
A local economics professor at UCCS offered insight into if he thinks the turmoil in Ukraine will have an impact on how much the Federal Reserve will increase rates. “The conflict in Ukraine will alter the Federal Reserve’s policy stance. They will continue to raise rates, but it may influence their decision by how much they will raise rates,” said Edward Hoang, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Economics, UCCS. Professor Hoang says supply issues contributed to today’s inflation, but that’s not all.

Joe CraigDepartment Chair Professor Joe Craig Talks with KKTV about the toilet paper shortage in late 2020


Catch Econ’s own Dan Zuchegno on the Radio!
Dan and his co-hosts discuss economic and business topics every Monday and Wednesday between 6 and 8 am on the Morning Dough Show on KPEO. Tune in online!

“The sky is the limit”: eight UCCS students and alumni build a bright future for Colorado Springs

Among their tasks are turning Colorado Springs into a ‘smart’ city, engaging young people in planning for electric energy production, creating affordable housing downtown and designing suicide prevention programs for the city’s schools.

Tyler Alcon, a junior economics major, is working on the Quad’s smart city initiatives program, where he is helping to create a framework for the city’s growth.

Using Carnegie Mellon’s Metro21 Smart Cities Institute in Pittsburgh as a model, his six-person team is taking on the role of a consulting firm to dream up how the city of Colorado Springs could build a pipeline of business, higher education, start-up and municipal partners to make 11 recommended ‘smart city’ initiatives a reality.

Football Data ScienceThe top 10 college football teams according to data science
The first ranking of the 2019 College Football Playoff will be announced at 7 p.m. MST Nov. 5 on ESPN, but a bespoke algorithm developed by Joe Craig of UCCS and Niven Winchester of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology takes its own look at who the top 10 college football teams are in the NCAA’s top division.| Read Article Watch Interview