Career Information

Career Information

An economics degree trains students to apply mathematical and scientific reasoning to the economic world.

Professional economists utilize their skills in the business, legal, and governmental arenas. Economists research and evaluate data related to issues of monetary or production value. Areas explored include the labor market, natural and environmental resources, productive capital, final product markets, financial markets, and government interactions with production and consumption decisions. An economics student can use his or her degree as a basis for further education in fields such as economics, business, public policy and law, journalism, or social welfare. Students majoring in economics must have good command of mathematical reasoning, as well as strong verbal and written communication skills.


Career Possibilities:

  • Financial Planner/Advisor
  • Business Manager
  • * Lawyer
  • Attorney
  • Government Administrator
  • Investment Banker
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Market Research Analyst
  • * Stockbroker
  • Underwriter
  • Credit/Loan Officer
  • Financial  / Business Analyst
  • Economic Consultant
  • Risk Management Specialist
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • *Sustainability Management
  • Cost Estimator

*May require additional education or certification

Colorado Statistics:

  • 2016 Annual median salary for Financial Analysts is $85,890; employment is expected to grow 37% by 2024.
  • 2016 Annual median salary for Market Research Analysts is $64,670; employment is expected to grow 46% by 2024.
  • 2016 Annual median salary for Cost Estimators is $63,490; employment is expected to grow 43% by 2024.
  • 2016 Annual median salary for Risk Managment Specialist is $66,390; employment is expected to grow 5% by 2024.

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